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What tailor-made advice do we offer?

Our team has extensive experience in doing research, developing and sharing knowledge and advising organizations on humanitarian communication. Apart from sharing knowlegde on our website and elsewhere, we provide tailor-made advice on responsible, inclusive and ethical communication to organizations in the development sector and beyond. We offer four levels of tailor-made advice:


1. Introductory advice in the form of a digital cup of coffee. This online introduction meeting is free of charge and lasts about half an hour to an hour.


2. Select advice in the form of a (quick) scan of a specific question, issue or communication. This type of advice can be done in written or spoken form, i.e. through emailing or (digitally) meeting each other.


3. Comprehensive advice in the form of an extensive communication advice report. In this report we will analyse 5-10 communications of your organization in detail and provide in-depth advice on the way your organization could communicate better. The report, which will be composed by at least five of our experts, also includes an introductory meeting and final presentation of the findings.


4. A workshop or workshop series in which we share our expertise on humanitarian communication and discuss the way your organization communicates with your team. This type of advice is again tailored to your needs and that of your staff. During the workshop(s), your team can share specific questions questions, issues or communications for us to prepare and discuss.


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What does a communication advice report look like?

Our communication advice report consists of an in-depth analysis of multiple communications of an international development organization based on our Communication Code. The findings of our analysis are presented in an extensive report that includes do’s and don’ts and a list of recommendations.


The most important findings are presented in a live session (1-2 hours) and discussed with the organization in an open dialogue. Here the exchange of knowledge is paramount: it is our aim to enter into a discussion about (the importance of) communication and to offer practical tools to communicate better.


Download our Communication Code here in Dutch and here in English.


Read here the article on (our position on) humanitarian communication by our Managing Directors, Wouter Oomen and Emiel Martens (in Dutch, for English, click here).


Listen here to the Disrupt Development podcast on (our position on) humanitarian communication by our Managing Directors, Wouter Oomen and Emiel Martens.


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What kind of campaigns do international development (ID) organizations use? What images do you see on their website? And who will act as ambassador on their behalf? The choices that ID organizations make in their communications are crucial for the discourse and practice of international development. That is why the Expertise Centre Humanitarian Communication offers these organizations advice and practical tools to create responsible, inclusive and ethical communication on international development.

What do organizations say about our communication advice? 
Liliane Fonds

“We appreciate critical looks from the outside. The report of the Expertise Center Humanitarian Communication was thorough and constructive, and the presentation inspiring. With critical notes, yes, but with useful suggestions that the Liliane Foundation will certainly use. A communication advice report by the Expertise Centre Humanitarian Communication is highly recommended! ”


“Wij waarderen kritische blikken van buiten. Het rapport van het Expertisecentrum Humanitaire Communicatie was gefundeerd en constructief, de presentatie inspirerend. Met kritische noten, jazeker, maar ook met zinvolle suggesties die het Liliane Fonds zeker gaat benutten. Een adviesrapport door het Expertisecentrum Humanitaire Communicatie is een aanrader!”





“The Expertise Center Humanitarian Communication analysed various Edukans campaigns. The result: much-need eye-openers and valuable tips that we can could work with immediately. Of course, we want to present an honest image of development cooperation and communicate in a dignified manner. Thanks to the thorough analysis we see that there are still steps to be taken. As a development organization for education, we continue to learn. Thanks to the advisory team of your centre!”


“Het Expertisecentrum Humanitaire Communicatie nam verschillende campagnes van Edukans onder de loep. Resultaat: de nodige eye-openers en waardevolle tips waar we direct mee aan de slag kunnen. Als vanzelfsprekend willen wij in onze communicatie een eerlijk beeld over ontwikkelingssamenwerking neerzetten en staat menswaardig communiceren voorop. Dankzij de grondige analyse zien we dat er nog steeds stappen te zetten zijn. Ook als ontwikkelingsorganisatie voor onderwijs blijven wij leren. Dank aan het adviesteam van jullie centrum!”


Is your organization interested in advice from the Expertise Centre Humanitarian Communication? Then contact us at [email protected] as we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Some of the organizations we have worked with include: