IDleaks Awards
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IDleaks Awards

What are the IDleaks Awards?

The IDleaks Awards is an annual evening-filling show on communication in international development where two awards are handed out: the award for the best communication expression by a Dutch development organization (‘Hoogvlieger Award’) and the award for the worst communication expression by a Dutch development organization (‘Vlieg in ‘t Oog Award). The winners are selected by a jury of experts (the jury prize) and the Dutch audience, which gets a month to vote on the nominated communication expressions (the audience prize). After two successful editions and one year of absense, the next IDleaks Awards will be held on Tuesday June 26th in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.


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Vote now for the / Breng nu je stem uit voor de IDleaks Awards 2020!

Why do we organise the IDleaks Awards?

IDleaks is a non-profit organization committed to better communication in international development. One way to bring representation issues of fundraising campaigns under the attention and on the agenda in the Netherlands is by organizing the annual IDleaks Awards. With the Awards, usually held in June in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, we aim to heighten awareness and encourage discussion of these issues by providing examples for best and worst practices of humanitarian communication. The IDleaks Awards are inspired by the Rusty Radiator Awards (Radi-Aid Awards), the annual campaign created by the Norwegian Students’ & Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH) with the aim ‘to challenge perceptions around issues of poverty and development, to change the way fundraising campaigns communicate, and to break down dominating stereotypes.’

Listen here to radio interview about the IDleaks Awards 2018 with IDleaks Chair Wouter Oomen on Dit is de Nacht (NPO1) (in Dutch):




How are the nominees and winners of the IDleaks Awards selected?

Every year people can send us their suggestions for nominated communication expressions until May 1. In addition, we ourselves are always on the lookout for best and worst practices in humanitarian communication and actively approach Dutch development organizations to send in their communication expressions of the past year. After this period, we look at all the communication expressions that we have gathered and decide which ones to nominate. The selection is based on our Communication Code (see below). We then announce the nominations for the Hoogvlieger (Highflyer) Award and Vlieg in het Oog (Fly in the Eye) Award and present them on our website. From that moment onwards, the audience is able to vote on the best and worst communication expression, which will result in the Audience Award. In addition, each edition an expert jury selects the best and worst ‘imaging in humanitarian communication’ of the past year as well, which makes the Jury Award. Both awards are presented on the evening of the IDleaks Awards, which usually takes place in June or July.

Hoogvlieger Award (High Flyer Award)

Do you know a communication expression of a Dutch development organization that tells a nuanced story, shows results, gives ‘developing people’ a voice, create realistic expectations, shares context and causes of problems, and offers a perspective for action that goes beyond making a donation? Then nominate this organization for the Hoogvlieger Award (High Flyer Award) by emailing us at [email protected]!

Vlieg in het Oog Award (Fly in the Eye Award)

Do you know a communication expression by a Dutch development organization that does not meet the Communication Code and damages the image of international development and developing countries and peoples (and as such development in general, as practices are sustained by discoures)? Then nominate this organization for the Vlieg in ‘t Oog Award (Fly in the Eye Award) by emailing us at [email protected]!

Why is My Organisation Nominated for the IDleaks Awards?

We nominate communication expressions from all the submissions we have received. While development organization can send in their own communication expression for their awards, we ask the general public to submit their suggestions for nominations as well – and of course we ourselves also evaluate the humanitarian communication of the past year. This is how an organization that has not send in anything for or has shown no interest in the IDleaks Awards, can be nominated for either the Hoogvlieger or Vlieg in ‘t Oog Award (or both). In case we nominate your organization, we will of course send you a message explaining why your communication expression has been nominated – and invite you to join the IDleaks Awards as our special guests. Does your organization win the Vlieg in ‘t Oog Award? Then we offer you a free QuickScan to give your communication new inspiration!

IDleaks Communication Code

The nomination process is based on the IDleaks Communication Code, the ethical code for communicating on international development and developing countries and people that we developed for our QuickScans of the communication of Dutch development organizations.